Saturday, November 28, 2009


Its the system , we have in our Country . Watch dogs sit on the back . . . but system moving smoothly . . . ignoring him . . . and public enjoying both . . .

Friday, November 20, 2009

It' not rainy but drainy water

Look the photo carefully . . . the photo is not from one place . . . the situation dwell in every city and every village . . . it’s not the rainy water its the drainy (drain) water. Drain had been made for drag the waste water. But due to misappropriation of the fund, mismanagement of ruling body and carelessness of public creates problem. CHOKE UP is the common situation. Due to such situation drains has been converted in Macchar Paidas Kendra (mosquito birth place). And all of us know the side effects of Mosquito bite. It’s dangerous as well as snake bite, dog bite in my point of view. So every one should aware of it .

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chal Chal Mere Bhay

“Chal Chal Mere Bhay Hat Jod ta hoo tere pav padtahoo ” Remembering the song ? Then kindly see the photo. The song made for the same situation. But the style is different. Its our Gadchiroliya style. Its skill work. Can You bring any drinker on cycle for long distance? Our villagers ( Gadchiroliwala, in other term Backward ) could ! The man, who riding the cycle caught neck of the person, who drunk much more. Because of that the FULTOO man could not move any were. Got it? then try !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chanda to Banda

It’s the special photo. It consist of regional representative in Maharastra ( i.e. Konkan, West Maharastra , Marathwada, Khandesh & Vidarbha .) The persons in photographs living in Gadchiroli, Working in Gadchiroli, ( Most of them in JALSWARAJYA ) and meets each other everyday . That is Chanda to Banda In Gadchiroli .
From left Standing Mr. Arun Suryawanshi ( Aurangabad ), Mr.Nilesh Shahare ( Nagpur ), Mr. Deepak Desle ( Dhule ), Mr.Pankaj Pande ( Gadchiroli ), Mr. Yogesh Fuse ( Amrawati ), Mr. Hemant Sakhare ( Bhusawal ), Mr. Ravindra Malwe (Satara), Sitting from left Mr. Sandeep Tendolkar ( Banda-Sindhudurga ) and Mr.Asphak Shaik ( Chanda- Chandrapur ). Except Mr.Pande all were the room partner at Mr.M.L.Persingwar’s Watsllya Niwas, Gadchiroli.
Except Mr.Suryawanshi and Mr. Shahare all are working in Jalswarajya , Gadchiroli.. Mr. Malwe was also working in Jaswarajya , but he got new position in Tribal development department Hostel as Warden at Malewada , Gadchiroli .
And one more specialty is that Jalswarajya Gadchiroli team has also Chanda To Banda type . The person for each region included in team . Isn’t it special ?

Kudart ka Karishma