Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thirsty Raigad !

It’s the situation seen in most of the villages in our country. Public is thirsty and politicians are bhrasti . (Corrupted ). The photo and further video clips are from Raigadneger of Nasik district ( Maharastra ) . The women of Raigad wander for drinking water every day . Every day they have to face heavy high way traffic for water . Accident is the common show for them. Many women had losses their life. Please click every clip ( below ) to see situation of our real India .

Pani re Pani . . .Gaon Gaon ki Kahani

Murderous Water

Raigadala Jevha Tahan Lagte

Its the Raigadnager Dist- Nasik . Thirsty for water . . . its the real India